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Custom Parts

We can build your custom parts

UPP is one of the worlds premier manufacturers of molded polyurethane products. We have been providing creative solutions from product engineering, mold designing, mold manufacturing and custom formulated polyurethane's to provide our customers with the best quality polyurethane parts.

If you are seeking a world-class polyurethane manufacturer and a leader in molded polyurethane products, then UPP is here to help you. We offer a vast array of polyurethane compounds for your polyurethane molding needs.

The formula for our success is based on the fact that we determine our customers, needs for design, delivery, and price and we meet those needs better than any other polyurethane manufacturer.

Your possibilities with our varied polyurethane molding options are almost limitless.


Custom molding of cast polyurethane
?Polyurethane product design and development